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  Artist's Bio

Heather Gillespie is an impressionist landscape painter in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a studio artist at Cre8ery Gallery and a member of the Manitoba Society of Artists. She  studied Fine Art at Symposium School of Art and The University of Manitoba.

Heather is a gifted visual artist who delights in sharing her impressions of the magical beauty of our Manitoba lakes and forests. She embraces emotion and mixes it with colour and light which dances from her brush onto canvas. Her excellent sense of colour and bold brushstrokes display the vibrant life of nature in a most compelling way. These invigorating and expressive compositions capture and transport us toward dreams amongst the trees.

Artist's Statement

I paint trees and lakes, quite simply, because I must. I feel absolutely drawn to them. When I am creating art, I completely immerse myself within, and time stands absolutely still. I find painting can be a physical process; especially on larger canvases. After all, sometimes one has to dance in order to move the paint around with confidence! My passion for bold colours and firm brush strokes are a means to show the viewer how passionately I have felt love for the environment while creating these scenes. Most of my work is composed freely through my imagination.  Although sometimes this is mixed with memory of beautiful places that I have seen.  My subject is always something that I feel is uplifting and of that which I hope others will enjoy.

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